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Welcome to my new blog. My name is David, I’m 35 years old and have Asperger’s.

I have decided to make this blog to give information about autism and to be able to write off me about my experiences and look at the world. This blog is a personal blog and therefore can not be seen as a definitive source of information about autism. These are my opinions and look at things.

Well you can see this as an “experiential” source of information. After all, I myself have autism and I am writing about that. I hope people can recognize themselves in business and perhaps even inspire themselves to look for more information.

I will try to write things down here and post messages. This will be a challenge for me, but I am confident that this will be good.

Thanks for reading
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I am David, born in 1984 and I'm autistic. I write blog posts and advocate for autism acceptance. I'm willing to talk to anyone about anything.

I have my own podcast (in Dutch) about autism and neurodiversity! Checkout the AutCast!

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