26 Sep 2019

Site update; no more Disqus

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Website update Since I started this blog I have used a comment system called Disqus. This blog was not actually used by visitors to my blog. Not so strange actually, because most of the reactions I get outside of my blog. In particular via Twitter and Facebook. Commenting via the blog itself was never actually done.

This is not bad at all, finally I also share my blogs via social media and I also respond to the feedback I receive there. However, it is true that my blog was delayed by the Disqus system. So today I decided to remove the comments. Instead I will use another system called “Webmentions”

Webmentions? What is that?

I myself am an computer person, but I will try to explain the concept here without too much technical fuss and difficult words. Webmentions is a technology where websites can respond to each other. This is a system that has been roaming the internet for some time. You may have heard about the concept of “Pingback”. Pingback is a way for a website (usually a blog) to let another website (also usually a blog) know that a response has been given to an article in the form of an article on another website.

This is all nice and sweet, but why am I switching to this system? Like I said, I get responses via social media such as Twitter. The system that I use from today on this website will display this response to my posts below.

Facebook responses

Unfortunately it is not possible to display Facebook responses below. Without going into too much technical details; Facebook does not offer this possibility. It is also true that I share my blog posts in restricted groups, so the reactions are meant for the group and not outside of it. But they are not listed under my posts.

So are comments a thing of the past?

No, you can still respond via Twitter on my blog. Also via Facebook I am always approachable and you can just leave comments through that way. But the comments under my posts have indeed disappeared. However, these have never been used until now. So I don’t think they will be missed either.

So if you have any feedback on my posts, please let me know via the channels you used so far!

Thanks for reading
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