02 Sep 2019

Stardate 73135.3 Social Anthropologist Log

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Sociaal Antropoloog ==== Start Log ====

I have often felt a stranger among these beings and today is no different. I have been inhabiting this planet for 35 years now and have learned. Learned how these beings interact with each other, what their motives are and what accepted behavior is. Today I write my logbook with the idea to help others like me understand what moves these beings and why they are the way they are.

People are social tribal beings. They are similar to other herd animals that inhabit this planet. Remarkable behavior is shown in various situations and events. However, these do not seem to be the same between the different tribes. This is good to realize; the different tribes have different behaviors and will respond differently to each other.

My study of these beings began years ago when I was still growing. The different signals from these beings can sometimes be very confusing for us. They often seem to require eye contact when transferring information. It took a while before I recognized this behavior and therefore I was noticed. After I started to imitate this behavior, it became a lot easier for the beings to start communication and transfer information.

Exactly where this need for eye contact comes from is still a mystery to me. The fact remains that this behavior is shown in hundreds of different observations. Furthermore, the beings usually do not seem to be aware of this until one of them does not make it. This often seems to be viewed negatively. They often accuse the individual who does not make eye contact of lying, uninterested behavior or of ignoring. The idea that someone needs time to form thoughts and turn them into speech does not seem to occur to them.

Furthermore, these creatures seem very fond of meetings. At different times of the year there are events for the different tribes where group formation appears to be the main activity. For example, completing one circle around the star in the center of their galaxy appears to be an achievement for an individual to be celebrated with a meeting. Or if their planet has completed a round around the same celestial body. However, also worshiping an unknown “higher power” seems to be a big reason for weekly meetings.

This can partly be explained by the tribal behavior of humans. The gathering for all kinds of different reasons can be traced back through history to the first humans. At that time, however, it was focused on the urge to survive. It appears that this is so deeply rooted in people that it continues to this day.

The study of these beings is really wonderful sometimes. It requires a lot of energy and commitment, but this seems to be appreciated by many. Some nuances are hard to explain; there are subtle movements in the human body that are apparently an extra way of communication. These movements, or “traits”, are called body language by the beings. Because they are so subtle, and apparently learned without apparent ways, understanding this behavior is very difficult. In addition, this method of communication between the different tribes differs.

The study of these beings continues. I myself am confident that I will successfully complete this mission. There are others like me on this planet and in my eyes it would be a good move for us, anthropologists, to bundle our studies and work together. It will facilitate our mission to understand these beings.

Now I will have to join another habit of these beings that is called “drinking coffee.” This is of course one of the many, many meetings.

==== Log End ====

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