01 Oct 2019

Music vs. Silence

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Muziek noten When I’m busy with work or writing this blog, for example, I “need” to have music on. I know there are many people who prefer to work in silence, but for me that doesn’t actually work. I need music on to work concentrated.

Music on, concentration on

By playing music, I can concentrate better. I listen to many different types of music when I work, but mostly the somewhat “louder” music. This can be, like now, Rammstein. But also hardcore, speedcore, terror, metal, folk, sometimes classical … It’s anything. I actually prefer hardcore, but I listen to all kinds of music.

When I have music on, I can close myself off to the world around me. I can concentrate on my work or on writing a blog. If I don’t have music on, this is a lot harder for me. Writing a blog is easy and easy for me. However, I can get distracted quickly when I hear conversations around me, for example. However, if I can’t hear the conversations through the music, then logically they don’t distract me either.

Sound over-stimulation?

I know that there are many autists who are over-stimulated by sound or light, for example. I don’t belong to that group. My stimulation is not due to an excess of sound or light. In an earlier blog I briefly discussed my over-stimulation and how that actually builds up slowly for me.

One of my ways to prevent stimulation is to lose me in music. Playing loud music on my headphones is a way of relaxation for me. I am aware of any hearing damage, I also take that into account. It helps to have a good headset. The less noise “leaks”, the better. This way I prevent the sound from being too loud from the music I play.


I said earlier that I prefer the harder styles of music. Hardcore, thunderdome, speedcore, terror and so on. But that is actually when I am working. When I’m relaxing, I listen to all kinds of different music. My playlist on YouTube in terms of music is varied to say the least. I actually listen to all music except the music that I don’t like.

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