17 Oct 2019

Storm | A poem

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A storm in my mind

It sometimes storms in my head
Thoughts rage, feelings hunt
Storm in my head

When I look around me in my dreams,
A lot of things are passing by
Thoughts for the future
Thoughts of happiness and opulence

You are only really rich when you no longer want anything
Tell the stories
Storm around me, there on the edge of the coast
Standing on a rock in the surf
Chained in the wind, accompanied by the tide

Light on the horizon, end of the storm in sight
Falling in peace, silence …
The eye of the storm, everything around me comes to rest
Rest with promise of the storm, the storm that rushes on
But this storm is blowing past
The last waves are retreating

After the storm everything feels clean and calm
It is wonderful to be here
The storm is raging in the distance, I am not sure yet …
Storm of feeling, emotion and promise
Someday the time will come when the storm will not only revolve around me
That I am no longer alone on the rock in the surf

I take a deep breath and watch the storm
The storm that rages and sinks ships
The storm that flew against me to knock me off the rock
But I am still there, I am still there
And in the distance the sun is shining, other ships are sailing
Ships to new places …

The storm is coming, but I am solid now
New found peace, new found goals
Now comes the storm, I feel the wind and the waves
Someday I won’t be alone here …
And never forget that I am there, not just for myself
The wind blows, the waves hit, the ships disappear in the rain

But in the distance the sun shines,
Are the ships waiting …
The storm is coming ….
I can handle this!

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