19 Nov 2019

Autumn days, relaxation days

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Wonderful autumn

It’s wonderful, the fall. The days become shorter, the nights longer, the weather colder and the people less often on the street. Most of them stay at home in front of the tube, or if they have a fireplace. I do enjoy it. The year is coming to an end. It’s getting colder and colder, the winter is coming.

Winter is my favourite season. I can handle the cold, but the heat of the summer is a big challenge for me. So I like the winter a lot more. All the “nasty” things of the winter are not that bad either; the cold, the slippery, the short days. For me these are not really problems.

Short days, long nights

I know for myself that I’m a nocturnal animal. I can stay awake at night without too many problems. On the other hand, I prefer to sleep the days. If I “fall back” to my natural rhythm, it is also much more likely that I live the nights and sleep the days. It’s amazing how you get to know yourself when you don’t care what the world around you does or finds. That this is not socially acceptable became clear to me quite quickly. Most companies can only be reached during the day, as can government and social services. Even the looks of people when you get up at 16:00 “finally” say it all.

But when it’s autumn and winter, that’s a relief for me. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. And that makes me relax, the “night” starts earlier. The days are shorter. And my mind responds gratefully to that.

Warm summer days, short nights

Let’s look back at this year’s summer. Although I’m not someone who complains about the weather (there’s nothing I can do about it), last summer the days were sometimes much too hot. I also noticed that I became short and often didn’t know where to look for it. You can’t keep retreating under a stone (or immersed in a bath) and also have to participate in the life around you. And yes, at some point you can’t take off to come across as socially acceptable.

The nights offered no relief; they were sometimes as warm as the day. So sleeping was difficult for me; I prefer to sleep in a cold room. Of course that was not possible, the nights were warm.

Now into the cold again

But these days and nights it’s much cooler. I love that myself. I never get cold quickly, and when it gets cold I can get dressed well. I really enjoy autumn and winter. I even take the rain for granted. On the days that it storms you can find me in front of a window, where I am fascinated by the storm staring. I love thunderstorms and the like (when I’m inside) and I can watch for hours on end lightning bolts that illuminate the sky.

So day summer! You’ll be missed by many, but I’m not one of them…

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