08 Apr 2020

The power of positivity | Stay happy

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A beautiful day It’s a wonderful thing, the human brain. We are able to form thoughts about all kinds of things and yet there are things that don’t always go well. It is sometimes difficult to deal with and works in a different way for everyone. Yet there are things that work the same way for most people. Research has been going on for years about how the brain works and why it works this way.

Today I want to talk about the power of positive thinking and doing. In this time of many changes in our daily lives and the worries that this brings to most of us, it is sometimes difficult to stay positive. In addition, the human brain has evolved to remember negative experiences better than positive experiences.

Negative thinking is part of survival

To understand why we have negative experiences, we have to go far back. Back to a time when we had to fight to survive. Hunting for food and looking for shelter every day. Thousands of years ago, we had already learned that it was better for us to stay together in groups. We could take care of each other, power in numbers. If we went after our food alone, the chances of getting it were a lot lower than if we hunted in a group.

However, it was also true that negative events were much more important to survive than positive things. If a human fell victim to a predator, for example, it was much more important for us to remember this than the fact that we could find food in a certain place. After all, if humans remembered that a predator is dangerous, they had a better chance of survival. Even if you knew that certain mushrooms, for example, were poisonous, you survived a lot longer.

Here the basis was laid for the human brain to remember negative experiences better than positive experiences. And although we are now thousands of years further on and no longer have the relatively limited brain capacity, the basic way of thinking has not changed much.

Realizing that positive thinking is difficult

So it is difficult for us as people to keep thinking positively in times of crisis. This is what you see happening around you today. People panic and do weird things. It is difficult to keep thinking and doing positive things. It’s quite an art to hold positive thoughts and look at life from a positive point of view. It is not in our nature to do this.

I think this realization is a good start to work on.

Let go of what you can’t solve

Let it go!. Nowadays, I’ve learned to let things go when I can’t solve them. It’s something I have to learn to live with instead of worrying about. Sometimes there are things in my life that are not fun, but I can’t change them. So I learn to live with them.

Well, if there’s something bothering me, I try to find a solution. Because if I can solve it, or if I know someone who could solve it for me, that is of course a better solution. But some things you can’t do anything about. Then it’s something you have to learn to live with. And part of that is to let go of the thoughts of that part of your life.

Of course this isn’t always easy, but with practice it’s getting easier and easier, I’ve noticed. Staying positive in times of crisis may be difficult, but not impossible!

I sincerely hope that everyone can get through this time. It may be unpleasant, uncertain and we have lost our normal structure, but one day this crisis will come to an end. But for now we have to deal with the reality of the day and not get stuck in “What if…?” and “ Suppose that…?”.

Sometimes letting go of what you can’t influence is the best thing to do!

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