My Autistic Self

My blog about myself as an autist and my experiences with autism. Information and explanation for people without autism, a view of the world from someone with autism.

It's autumn again. The days are shorter and the nights longer. Why do I like this time of year anyway?
Autumn days, relaxation days
19 Nov 2019
It’s wonderful, the fall. The days become shorter, the nights longer, the weather colder and the people less often on the street. Most of them stay at home in front...
About missing internal structure. Because of this lack, the need for external structure is much more present. External structure can also be created by people around me.
Lack of structure
12 Nov 2019 in persoonlijk
The myth is that autistic people are always organized and plan everything they do. I call this a myth, because for me this is not the case. I am very...
Over pauzes nemen op het werk of studie/school.
05 Nov 2019
“It’s time for a break!” it sounds through the room. A supervisor of the day care where I come announces that it is time again for the time to sit...
A post about being hungry for information. How I am always looking for information and how I podcasts herewith see already source of information. And the lack of Dutch podcasts
Hungry for information | Postcasts about Autism
30 Oct 2019
“I’m not curious, I just want to know everything!” This used to be one of my regular statements. I’m always looking for information, on all kinds of different subjects. To...
About how my thoughts come about and how I make connections between different things. How it actually affects everything in my existence.
Cobwebs in my head
24 Oct 2019
Where Michel talks about his drawers in his head, I want to talk today about something in between with me. When I try to explain my way of thinking to...
A poem I wrote a few years ago about my feelings about climbing out of my depression.
Storm | A poem
17 Oct 2019
It sometimes storms in my head Thoughts rage, feelings hunt Storm in my head When I look around me in my dreams, A lot of things are passing by Thoughts...
About how I dealt with my depression as an autist. How I recovered and what it meant for me to be so deep.
My depression and my recovery
14 Oct 2019 in persoonlijk
1 in 3 young adults and 2 in 3 adults. That is the statistic of autists with depression. A shocking amount of people. And unfortunately I was also one of...
About what makes me enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons. What makes it a fun game? And what do I encounter?
Dungeons and Dragons | Fantasy free rein
10 Oct 2019 in Dungeons and Dragons
Storytelling. In essence, this is what Dungeons and Dragons is all about. Dungeons and Dragons is a game where a story is told by a so-called Dungeon Master and the...
The difference between
I am an autist vs I have autism
07 Oct 2019 in persoonlijk
Which is it? Do you have autism or are you an autist? The choice is pretty clear to me; I am an autist. Autism is a part of who I...
About the influence that music has on my concentration
Music vs. Silence
01 Oct 2019
When I’m busy with work or writing this blog, for example, I “need” to have music on. I know there are many people who prefer to work in silence, but...
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