My Autistic Self

My blog about myself as an autist and my experiences with autism. Information and explanation for people without autism, a view of the world from someone with autism.

This post will deal with my meltdowns. How I used to deal with them and how I can better find my way in them now. Meltdowns are not only for children with autism, but also for adults.
Meltdown - Old vs New behavior
22 Jan 2020
My thoughts are running through my head and through each other. My head is full and I notice I’m scared. My body gives all the classical signals for this; my...
Something different. 36 different questions to me that I answer in this blog. Think of it as an opportunity to get to know me better.
36 questions for me
15 Jan 2020
Something different today. On different blogs you will come across them, the lists of questions generally asked to people to get to know each other better. So there are 36...
Autism Spectrum Disorder is often described as a graph or as different
Autism as a cloud
09 Jan 2020
A spectrum (also called gradient) - (plural: spectra or spectrums) is a range of consecutive colours or sounds or other varieties. This term is often used in physics. Wikipedia When...
It's become a way of life for me. Thinking in solutions and not in problems. Sometimes it's quite an art, but it makes me a lot calmer to think about things in my life.
Thinking in terms of solutions, not problems
06 Jan 2020
A few years ago a manager said to me: “We need to start thinking more in terms of solutions within this company”. This statement stayed with me when I started...
I wish you all from here on out very happy holidays and a very Happy New Year!
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
24 Dec 2019
In my previous post I already looked back at 2019. Today I would simply like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Thank you for reading...
A look back to 2019 and my plans for 2020. About the beginning of this blog, why I ever started and where I want to go in the future. Starting my own podcast about autism and giving lectures in the future.
End of the year
16 Dec 2019
It’s the end of the year. 2019 was a year for me in which a lot has happened. It is the year in which I started this blog and in...
My son was diagnosed with autism. I welcome him to the neurodiverse world
Welcome to the team little guy
03 Dec 2019 in persoonlijk
You turned 6 this year. Ever since you were two, your mother has noticed differences between you and your sister. And yesterday you were diagnosed with autism. And now I...
What is neurodiversity anyway? And why is it important? I try to answer that question. About acceptance of neurodiversity and the use against ableism.
What is Neurodiversity?
28 Nov 2019
When I started looking for Twitterers to follow about autism, I soon came across @NeuroRebel. She has been (among other things) a great inspiration to start this blog. She is...
Over het feit dat sommige mensen Asperger niet hetzelfde vinden als autisme. Mijn kijk hierop is vrij simpel; het syndroom van Asperger is ook autisme. Dit ontkennen is schadelijk voor de autistische gemeenschap.
Asperger is also just autism
25 Nov 2019
There are people who don’t think Asperger’s syndrome is autistic. These people think that Asperger is so far removed from classical autism that it does not even fall into the...
It's autumn again. The days are shorter and the nights longer. Why do I like this time of year anyway?
Autumn days, relaxation days
19 Nov 2019
It’s wonderful, the fall. The days become shorter, the nights longer, the weather colder and the people less often on the street. Most of them stay at home in front...
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