My Autistic Self

My blog about myself as an autist and my experiences with autism. Information and explanation for people without autism, a view of the world from someone with autism.

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  • Beautiful sides of my autism (19 May 2020)
    I was asked what I like about my autism. I thought this was a very nice question and write a piece about it today. The beauties of my autism
  • Welcome to the team little guy (03 Dec 2019)
    My son was diagnosed with autism. I welcome him to the neurodiverse world
  • Lack of structure (12 Nov 2019)
    About missing internal structure. Because of this lack, the need for external structure is much more present. External structure can also be created by people around me.
  • My depression and my recovery (14 Oct 2019)
    About how I dealt with my depression as an autist. How I recovered and what it meant for me to be so deep.
  • I am an autist vs I have autism (07 Oct 2019)
    The difference between "having" autism and "being a" autist.
  • Being overstrung and hyposensitivity (11 Sep 2019)
    Hyposensitivity has concequences for the feelings off being overstrung and how those come about. Here I'm trying to describe my expierences with these things.
  • I am I, said the fool (03 Jul 2019)
    Growing up with autism without knowing it. How it was for me and my road to discovering my diagnosis
  • Introduction (17 Jun 2019)
    Welcome message to my new blog