My Autistic Self

My blog about myself as an autist and my experiences with autism. Information and explanation for people without autism, a view of the world from someone with autism.

Links to other websites

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Here are some links to other websites that may be of interest to people. These websites are about autism, or are related to this.

All links are in Dutch!


  • Spectrum Rebel: The website of J.Q. Isidore about experiences with Autism and her personal story
  • Dit is ook autisme: Michel’s personal blog about his view of his autism. One of the few other men who blogs (in Dutch) that I have found.
  • A-typist: is a blog by, for and about adults with autism. Here you will find information, experiences, recognition and tips for dealing with and living with autism.
  • Roos vindt een weg: Personal blog by Rosan van der Zee about her autism.
  • NVA Blog lijst: An overview of blogs on the NVA website