My Autistic Self

My blog about myself as an autist and my experiences with autism. Information and explanation for people without autism, a view of the world from someone with autism.

The AutCast

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The AutCast podcast can be seen as an extension of this blog. I try to discuss different topics and am always open to suggestions. It’s a way to reach out to more people and publish about autism.

Currently the podcast is only in Dutch and there are no plans for now to do a English show…

Of course I will talk about my own autism in particular, but I will also try to talk about autism in general and what I get from the community. Do you disagree with something? That’s possible! I don’t know the truth, but I will always do my best to be as clear as possible.

Feedback is always welcome!

Do you have any feedback on an episode? Do you have an idea or a question? Or maybe you’d even like to talk to me about a topic! You can always contact me via my contact page or via Twitter.

Listen to the last episode here