02 Apr 2020

The AutCast podcast has started!

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AutCast logo Today, on world autism day 2020, it is time! My first episode of the AutCast has come online. As part of the autism week I had the idea to launch the podcast. And today seemed like the perfect moment. This first episode is meant as an introduction and is quite short (less than 10 minutes), but in the future I hope to make some deeper (and longer) episodes.

Mind you the podcast is in Dutch! No English version is planned for now, but maybe if people want it, I can see what I can do. If you would like a English version, please contact me!

Very good at starting

It’s been a while since I for the first time on this blog talked about podcasts and my intention to start 1 myself. Often in the past it has turned out that I’m quite good at starting things. Finishing is often another story. But I’ve proven to myself by writing this blog that I can** do it.

For me the trick is that I should like to do it. And writing and talking about neurodiversity is what I like to do. So it was a logical choice for me to see if I could make a podcast as well. This turned out to be very easy to do.

Thinking and churning

As with many things, when making a podcast, I got stuck in the “planning” part of the story. I noticed this myself because I always had excuses for myself not to record an episode yet or not to take the step to do something online. But now I’ve made the decision for myself and made the leap into the deep end.

Start of a new podcast!

Now, in addition to my words in writing, my voice can also be found on the internet. I hope that with my podcast I can reach even more people and tell them about my autism. The podcast is currently available on anchor.fm and I will link to it via various posts on social media.

Of course I am very curious about the feedback and if there are topics we can talk about. For now I will share the links to the podcast here:

I wish you guys lots of listening fun. And most of all, let me know your feedback :smile:

Thanks for reading
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