05 Feb 2020

17 ways to say “I love you” in neurodivergent

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I love you I copied this list from @SNeurotypicals who shared it via The Aspergian. I have translated it into Dutch :smile:

17 Ways to Say “I Love You” in Neurodivergent:

  1. I saw this article/site and wanted to share with you.
  2. Here is a thing about your favourite thing.
  3. I would spend unstructured time with you.
  4. You can share my silence.
  5. I researched your problem; here are your options.
  6. I love your project so much, I thought of some ways to make it even better.
  7. Do you need a ride home from your mundane errand that should be no big deal but is actually a Big Deal?
  8. I see you’re freaking out. That’s cool. I will chill here in silence until you need me.
  9. [thumbs up emoji]
  10. I will make that phone call/book that appointment so you don’t have to.
  11. I knew you would forget, so I did [insert thing here]
  12. This is your reminder to do the self care thing.
    Do the self care thing.
    Do the self care thing.
    I’m not getting off the phone until you confirm you have done the thing.
  13. We made plans, and I had a sh*tty day on that day. But, I didn’t cancel, because I knew I would enjoy seeing you more than I would enjoy staying home.
  14. You screwed up something people don’t usually screw up, and you’re probably embarrassed, so here is a story of my best screw-up.
  15. You once told me about a completely irrational thing you hate, and now I remember not to do it/to keep it away from you every time.
  16. I learned your allergies/sensitivities. Please confirm if these ideas I have for avoiding them are helpful.
  17. You mentioned one of your health conditions the other day. I have no background in it, but I read everything I could, and now I have follow up questions.


No, neurotypicals don’t “do this, too.” Not to this degree. Neurodivergents do these things repeatedly– and sometimes obsessively– and make massive time investments in them.

However, one common thread in a lot of these items is social anxiety, introversion, and means of expressing love that aren’t verbal, so those features could be common to a number of different groups, including neurotypicals.

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